The Truth About Credit Repair Companies: Do You Need Them?

Have you ever gotten the feeling that the whole credit repair landscape is a little…shady? Yeah, us too. It’s one of the reasons we started Swell. There are many folks out there that are much more interested in getting you to pay them money than actually improving your credit score. So our general advice is to be very careful.

Even though we help people repair credit, our preference is, ultimately, that you manage your own credit. There is no magic bullet – no quick fix that you can pay someone for. Credit repair takes time and effort from you that no company can replace. Sure, if you have something that’s hurting you credit that’s easily disputable, then paying someone to dispute it for you is probably going to end up increasing your score. But you can do that dispute yourself, without spending money!

So should you ever pay a credit repair company? Maybe.

There are definitely times when it makes sense to pay a credit repair company. If you have a bunch of items to dispute with all the bureaus (in the case of identity theft, for example), it can make perfectly good sense to hire a company to do it for you. Or if you have the funds to hire one of the more expensive services, that could make sense, because…

There are two tiers of credit repair companies.

Tier one is less expensive, and these companies (, Lexington Law, etc.) basically just shotgun disputes at the credit bureaus on your behalf. Tier two is more expensive, and can involve more comprehensive help repairing your credit. If you’re going to spend money to get help with credit repair, we definitely recommend going with a higher end firm, if you can afford it.

Great News: Swell Does Comprehensive, High End Credit Repair For Less Than Pretty Much Anyone.

Swell automates all the disputes for you like all the other credit repair services, but we do a lot more. Our expert credit coaches work with you one-on-one to build a plan for comprehensive credit repair that is tailored to your actual credit situation and financial goals. An initial consultation and credit repair plan with one of our coaches is completely free, so please get in touch if you need help.