Get credit repair help that’s right for YOU.

Your credit needs are unique. Your credit repair plan should be too.
Our credit advisors work one-on-one to help you:

Understand your credit report and where you should focus for maximum impact

Create an intelligent plan for repairing and maintaining good credit for the long term

Take informed, intelligent steps for your specific credit needs, in the right order

Achieve the goals credit is stopping you from achieving, in less time than you might think

$100 setup fee, then $50/month with no commitment.
Includes a three-bureau credit report with FICO scores

Credit reports, credit scores, and credit repair can be really confusing. Here’s how we help:

1. Free initial consultation

Tell us about your credit situation and goals over the phone, chat, or email. We’ll go over your credit report together to help us both understand where you should focus for maximum impact.

2. Build a smart plan together

Armed with your free three-bureau credit report, we’ll work with you over the phone or email to deep dive into your unique credit scenario. We’ll put together a step-by-step plan for improving your score that’s tailored to your needs. You’ll know exactly which steps to take, when.

3. Take the right steps

Your dedicated credit advisor will educate you about credit fundamentals and guide you through the actions that will have the most impact on your credit score. You’ll be able to collaborate over the phone, email, or our client portal as you take each step toward better credit. Your advisor will be there to provide whatever guidance you need.

4. You no longer need help

Our goal is for you to stop paying us (or anyone) to help improve your credit. We want to arm you with the knowledge and tools to manage your own credit health, the right way, for the long term.

“We really felt trapped by bad credit. James helped us through everything we needed to know raise our score 140 points, and we just bought our first house!”

– Teresa and Rob, Poughkeepsie, NY

Simple, affordable pricing, and no commitment

Our goal is for you to stop paying for credit repair help. In the meantime, here’s our pricing to help get you there:

Initial setup


Three-bureau credit report with FICO scores

Deep-dive session with a credit advisor

Onboarding to client portal

Delivery of a comprehensive credit repair plan – your map to exactly what to focus on, what not to worry about, and what steps to take for maximum impact in the shortest time possible



Twice monthly phone calls and unlimited emails with your dedicated credit advisor

Specific guidance about all of the steps and concepts you may need help with:

  • Disputing negative report items
  • Negotiating with collectors
  • Which credit cards to have, and how to use them the right way
  • Managing debt-to-limit ratios
  • Managing and paying debts strategically
  • Building and maintaining credit history
  • Negative item age and prioritization
  • Credit bureaus and scoring model complexity
  • Getting more time to pay bills without affecting your credit

Access to a library of high quality credit repair resources and tools

Comprehensive credit education that arms you to repair and manage your credit the right way, for the long term, without breaking the bank

We were having so much trouble getting my parents into an apartment because of their credit. We couldn’t have done it without Jenn at Swell.

– Sally, Los Angeles, CA

No robots here. Just real humans that want you to succeed.

We’re real people with a lot of experience helping people in not-so-great credit situations achieve their credit goals. We’re in your corner, and we’re passionate about helping you escape that feeling that you’re stuck. Meet a few of our coaches:

Karl, accountant and credit avisor for 15 years

Nina, former financial advisor and credit advisor for 4 years

Jennifer, avid runner and credit advisor for 7 years

$100 setup fee, then $50/month with no commitment.
Includes a three-bureau credit report with FICO scores